A Dog Field for Christmas

Cartoon dog on sledge with Christmas trees

The run up to Christmas can be very busy and sometimes the last thing you want to do is to trudge outside on a miserable day to walk your dog. Everyone seems short of time and the “To Do” list gets longer every day.

Put down that list and bring your dog to the Dog Field at Slamseys!

Why you should use A Dog Field for Christmas

Cartoon dog on sledgw with text Slamseys Dog Field Christmas

It will be fun for your dog and give you some time out.

Slamseys Dog Field has mown paths, longer grass and natural log obstacles to keep things interesting for your dog and there’s a field shelter if you need to stay dry and out of the wind. Let your dog run free instead of plodding around muddy, wet fields along the public footpaths on a lead.

Over the Christmas period, the dog field is a brilliant space to meet up with friends or family knowing that you will be undisturbed for your allocated time. The tall fencing will keep your dogs (and children) contained and gives you peace of mind that you won’t spend the day searching ditches for errant pooches. We also have responsible users who are great at keeping the field dog poo free.

Making a long car journey over Christmas? Take a break at the dog field to stretch your legs and let your dog have a good run. Braintree Electric Forecourt is just around the corner from the dog field, so you can charge your car or buy a coffee beforehand.

Slamseys Dog Field makes a great escape when the house is crammed with friends and relations over Christmas, especially if you have visiting dogs. Give them a chance to explore somewhere different.

Maybe your dog could bring a friend to the Dog Field and have a Doggy Christmas Party! You can bring up to four dogs at one time.