Slamseys Farm is the only farm in Great Notley; a patchwork of arable fields bounded by hedgerows and ditches between Horizon 120 Business Park, A120 dual carriageway, Blackley Lane Quarry and Drapers Solar Farm

The first record of Slamseys appears in the Domesday Book, where it’s listed as Slamondesheia, the name thought to originate from the Old English meaning enclosure of the sloe tree hill.

The manor or hamlet of Slamondsey was an outlying part of White Notley until it was transferred to Black Notley in 1889. In 2000 Slamseys became part of Great Notley.

skyfall wheat


Slamseys Farm is one of the commercial arable farms managed by Jack Wheaton for Wheaton Farms and P H Wheaton & Co (Farms) Ltd.

Our businesses are part of the Red Tractor assurance scheme, which means that pesticide and fertiliser use is strictly regulated and every lorry load of grain that leaves the farm has a passport to ensure supply chain traceability.

We grow crops of wheat, barley and beans to provide food for people and animals, borage for medicinal use and willow trees for cricket bats.

Our first Christmas trees were planted in the 1980s. Some of them thrived and grew into sturdy trees but some were a bit lopsided or far too bushy. We soon joined the British Christmas Trees Growers Association where we learnt how to do things properly and have since planted two new plantations on the farm.

We grow Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce Christmas trees. Read about our Christmas Trees.

Protecting the Environment

We have planted areas for wildlife and manage our fields, hedgerows, waterways and ponds to encourage a diverse population of flowers, trees, insects and animals on our farms.

The fields at Slamseys and our other farms are bounded by ancient and more recently planted hedgerows. These hedgerows are carefully managed by cutting, coppicing and replanting, which promotes strong growth and provides food such as berries and shelter for wild birds and other animals.

You may notice that we don’t plant crops right to the edge of the fields. These uncultivated verges are not footpaths but a conservation buffer zone that protects the waterways and hedgerows from chemicals and fertiliser while providing a habitat for insects, small mammals and amphibians. In some fields, these zones have been extended to six metres to maintain a more diverse habitat.

wild bird seed crop in field
public footpath Essex

Public Access

Take a short circular walk from Great Notley Country Park through the fields of Slamseys Farm along the public footpaths and public bridleway or use the network of paths to walk to Willows Green or Bartholomew Green.

If you aren’t sure where the footpaths lead, check on The Public Rights of Way interactive map for Essex

We cut back the overhanging branches and mow the paths in spring and summer to make it pleasant for you to enjoy your walk. In return, we ask that you follow The Countryside Code.


We offer two types of storage facilities at Slamseys Farm. Our buildings provide self-contained storage for long term business users and our containers offer a short term solution for both business and personal users.

You can rent a self-storage container for three months, six months or a year.

Each container is 20 feet long x 8 feet wide with space in front for loading and unloading. Access to the containers is between 6.30am and 9pm seven days a week.

Availability – None. All our containers are let out.

Containers for storage