Who Uses a Dog Walking Field?

How many times have you been walking along a footpath when someone has shouted “It’s OK. He’s just friendly” as their dog rushes towards you?

Your dog might be friendly but mine might not be because he’s anxious or recovering from an injury. I might be anxious or recovering from an injury. Maybe I just don’t want your dog to jump up at me.

The Countryside Code is clear that dogs should be on a lead in the countryside if they don’t have 100% recall when faced with other dogs, wildlife, livestock or people. Unfortunately, some people are unaware of the code and other aspects of dog walking ettiquette.

As a result, responsible dog owners are looking for alternative ways to exercise their dogs and many are choosing to book private sessions in Secure Dog Walking Fields like the one at Slamseys where they can relax and let their dog off the lead with no chance of conflict with other dogs and people.

But is a Dog Walking Field what you’re looking for? Who uses a Dog Walking Field?

Dog Walking Fields are fun for any dog but ideal for:

  • Anxious or reactive dogs
  • Dogs with poor recall
  • Dogs with disabilities or injuries
  • Dogs in training
  • Owners fearful of dog theft from public spaces
  • Dogs needing an exercise break on a long journey
  • Owners with less energy or agility as their dog
  • Dogs that chase joggers, wildlife, vehicles …
  • Dogs that need space to run

Some people refer to them as Dog Fields or Dog Exercise Fields but the idea is that both dogs and their owners can have fun together in a safe and enclosed field.

You might only want to use a local Dog Walking Field or perhaps become a Dog Walking Field Tourist who explores further afield.

Not sure what you need to take to your session in the Dog Walking Field? Read about Slamseys Dog Walking Field to find out what to expect, what to take and how to find us.