Money Saving Tips for Buying a Christmas Tree

Buying a Christmas Tree on a Budget

Many of us are cutting back our Christmas spending this year and though we still want a fabulous Christmas tree, we don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

We’ve been growing and selling Christmas trees at Slamseys for decades and have plenty of money saving tips for decorating and buying a Christmas tree in 2022.

Plan Ahead

Sausage dog decoration Days to Christmas

Decide where you’re going to stand your Christmas tree and measure up so that you don’t waste money buying a tree that’s too tall or too wide.

Search out your Christmas tree stand, baubles and lights. You’d be surprised how many people buy a new Christmas tree stand because they can’t remember where they stored the one from last Christmas.

Choose the Right Christmas Tree


Bigger trees cost more than small trees, so you can save money buying a smaller Christmas tree. Does the Christmas angel on the top of the tree need to scrape the ceiling or would it look more spectacular with some space above?

A smaller tree won’t need so many baubles and you can stand the tree on a low table to make it look taller.

Biggest isn’t necessarily best. Also, it’s a lot easier to transport a small tree than a big one.



Children love the adventure and thrill of going to the farm to pick out their special Christmas tree. Christmas tree farms display their trees so you can see exactly what you’re buying and will help you pick the best tree for your home. It can be a false economy to buy a cheap tree in a net when you don’t know what shape it will be and where the staff know more about power tools than Christmas trees.

Wrap up warm and bring your family to Slamseys to choose a fresh, Christmas tree. We open on 1st December 2022.


Our most popular trees are Nordmann Firs, which have deep coloured, glossy needles that don’t drop on the floor if the tree is properly cared for. This is the tree for you if you plan to take your tree inside in early December and want it to look good on Christmas Day.

Choose a wonderfully scented Norway Spruce Christmas tree if you’re prepared to take your Christmas tree in only a week before Christmas or display it outdoors. The traditionally shaped Norway Spruce trees cost less than Nordmann Firs but their needles are more brittle and likely to fall if the tree gets too dry or the branches get knocked. 

Read our Christmas Tree Guide so that you make the right choice.

Look after your Christmas Tree

A little care can make the difference between a dry tree with falling needles and a wonderful, fresh looking tree. Follow our tips in the Christmas Tree Care Guide to make sure your tree looks fabulous throughout the festive season.

Eco and money saving ways to decorate your Christmas Tree

rustic wreath of herbs tied to door


It can be tempting to buy this year’s on-trend baubles but it’s by no means a necessity. Sort through your existing collection of decorations and pick only two or three colours to use this year. Not only can this make a more sophisticated display, but next year you can have a different look without buying anything new.

  • Green, gold and red are the traditional colours
  • Silver, blue and white make a dazzling cool ice display
  • Deep purples, copper and crimson are rich and regal.
  • White, red and grey create a Scandi inspired atmosphere
  • Bright pink, orange and red are a colour popping combination
  • Pale pink, gold and white looks light and delicate
  • Dusty pink, gun metal grey and deep blue make a dramatic contrast


Your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be decorated with plastic decorations made under dubious conditions.

Look around your house or a charity shop to find quirky things to hang from the branches like teaspoons or tiny glasses, tiny toys or old spectacles. A bit too weird? Maybe.

Collect fallen leaves, seedheads and cones to suspend with thread or lay on the branches of the Christmas tree. Spray them silver or tie with ribbons to add colour.

One of the prettiest Christmas trees I’ve seen was in a barrel stand, simply decorated with tiny white lights and crowned with a tin star.

Use these ideas to make stylish, natural Christmas decorations with fruits, berries and other foliage.


Bake biscuits to hang from the tree or make a gingerbread house if you’re particularly dexterous.

Turn back the clock and construct old-fashioned paper snowflakes and paper chains or wonderful pompoms using these instructions for making paper decorations for Christmas.

Tie bunches of herbs with ribbons and hang in the kitchen to make a decoration that you can use throughout the Christmas season or gather foliage to make a country style Christmas wreath to hang on your door or wall.

Have Fun and Make Memories

Remember that your best Christmas memories are unlikely to be of colour co-ordinated baubles or the must-have decorating trend but of spending time and having fun with friends, family or carers.