Is it too early to buy a Christmas tree?

It’s only 23rd November and already social media is awash with photos of houses decorated for Christmas and people are eager to buy a fresh Christmas tree.

Hold on! It’s too early to buy your fresh Christmas Tree.

This year, we’re opening on 1st December, which we realise some customers may feel is a little late when you can buy a tree in November from large DIY and Garden Centre chains. These firms deal in such vast quantities that the growers who supply them will have cut the trees weeks ago and the stores will be anxious to sell them rather than have them standing in their stores. In contrast, we don’t start to cut the Christmas trees at Slamseys until the end of November and continue through December to ensure that our customers to have the freshest trees possible.

We advise our customers to cut a slice from the bottom of the tree, stand it in water outside at least overnight, then take it into a cool room and keep it watered. However, the reality is that many people* take the tree straight into a warm room to decorate it and forget to keep it watered. They wouldn’t treat a bunch of cut flowers or a pot plant like this but somehow expect a Christmas tree to still look fresh and glossy. A neglected Nordmann Fir Christmas tree may look fine on Christmas Day if it’s only been in the house for a couple of weeks, but not if it’s been there for over four weeks.

You can go out and buy your Christmas tree today if you don’t care what it will look like in a month’s time but wait until December if you want a fresher tree that, with a little care, will look fabulous on Christmas Day.

The Christmas Tree Barn at Slamseys opens 1st December 2022.

Follow these simple Christmas Tree Care tips to make sure your Christmas tree looks fresh and fabulous on Christmas Day

* I’m guilty of this but I don’t take my tree into the house until the week before Christmas